Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The best laid plans.

Recently, several of my friends have asked me what happened to my blog.  Well, a couple of things happened that kind of waylaid me from my goal of getting all the projects in the house done.  Below is an account of the first thing that occurred back in March.

No photos today - I'm sure you'll understand.

I had a nice little to-do list for that day.  Most of it centered on paying bills and filing paperwork.  Not very exciting.  Little did I know what the universe had in store for me.

Got a call from the school nurse.  A girl in my daughter's class had lice.  She checked the class and lo and behold, my daughter had a few nits.

I will stop right here to say that getting lice is probably my biggest, non-life-threatening fear.  It shouldn't be a big deal, really.  They don't make kids sick.  They don't even give them pain.  They're a big pain in the arse, they are gross, and they inspire fear in me way out of proportion to what they actually are.

Did you know they don't keep kids home from school for lice anymore?  That's good.  Because I tore this house apart that day.  The girls wouldn't have wanted to get in my way.  If it was washable, it got washed.  Not washable?  It got vacuumed or cooked in the dryer.

When they got home, both girls got their heads treated and hair combed out with a metal comb.  And I did the same to myself too, just in case.  The girls were actually great about it.  The biggest problem for them was that their stuffed animals were bagged until the crisis was over.  They were so sad that they couldn't sleep with their fluffy friends.

I knew the suckers would be difficult to get rid of and I was praying that everything I did would stop them in their tracks.  But after a week of doing countless loads of laundry and combing out the girls every night (which took about 2-3 hours for both of them) I was still finding nits/bugs.  I was completely exhausted and irritable and the girls were losing their patience with it too.  I decided I needed professional help. 

So I took the girls to a place called Lice Be Gone where they charged a crazy amount of money to get the damn things out of my girls' hair.  Honestly, though, I think I would've paid any price to be done with them.  Watching the folks who worked there tag-team my older daughter (who has the thickest hair known to man), I realized I never would've gotten rid of them on my own.  They did such a good job and it was such a relief when they were done.  After that there was some simple maintenance to do for the next couple of weeks to be sure nothing was missed but it was nothing compared to what I'd gone through the previous week.

That week I was actually glad to be unemployed.  I never would've been able to deal with it if I'd had to go to work.

I do have to mention that one of my daughter's friends said the sweetest thing.  "It's not their fault - they were just looking for a home."  Maybe I should try to take a page from her book and have some sympathy for these things that made my life hell ...

Yeah, don't hold your breath!

The other thing that went down is that I got a part time job at one of my former companies - with really good friends.  It's a great gig.  I'm enjoying the work and definitely enjoying the folks I'm working with.  It has certainly derailed my projects, though.  Ah well.  That's OK. 

Now I'm considering starting a new phase in my life.  But that's a post for another day.  And I promise it won't take me three months before I get to the next one!

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