Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How did I get here?

A short time ago I got laid off.  It was a bit of a shock to the system.  It's not that I necessarily defined myself by my job, exactly.  But I did define myself as a career woman.  And now I'm unemployed.

On many levels, it's not such a bad thing.  I am one of the lucky ones.  My husband is still employed, thank goodness.  We need to cut back but we're not in desperate straits just yet.  But from a psychological perspective I know that I have to find good use for my time while I'm looking for a new gig.  If I'm going to be out of work, I'm gonna make the most of it and take advantage of the gift of time that I've been given.

I decided to start this blog to document what I accomplish during this time.  For me, it's important to feel like I'm making a contribution to my family.  While I know that those contributions have always been more than just my income, I do feel that I need to find ways to compensate for the lack of it.  So now, I'll have different contributions.  It might be home improvement.  It might be trying a new recipe. It might be organizing something that's gotten out of control during our busy lives.  But the goal is that each day I will find something new to stretch my abilities and try to make our lives a little bit better.

My first project was to paint and decorate the master bathroom.  Of course, being out of work means that I'm on a very tight budget.  And I'm not a carpenter so don't expect HGTV-type renovations here.  Unfortunately, now that I have the time to do these things I don't have the money to do everything exactly the way I'd like.  But therein lies the challenge.

Not knowing I was going to start this blog, I didn't take "before" pictures of this particular project.  Which is a shame because, trust me - the difference is dramatic!  Picture blah white walls that hadn't been painted in probably 20 years (we've lived here for nine).  Picture ugly glass shelves.  Picture a medicine cabinet with a corner of the mirror broken off.  Not pretty.

I chose Martha Stewart colors matched in Home Depot paint.  Lily Pad for the walls and Heavy Cream for the ceiling and trim.  I hated the green at first.  But after it dried I liked it more.  And now that I have accessories in, I love it.  Take a look:

I'm not quite finished.  New towels would be nice but that's not going to happen until I'm employed again.  I need to find some artwork but haven't found anything I like in my price range yet.  And today I purchased some fabric to make window treatments:

But that's a project for another day.


  1. I am so excited for you Gayle!!! Can't wait to read more of your adventures.

  2. Great job Gayle!! Looks like your hard work at home paid off!! Enjoy your beautiful bathroom!!

  3. Good idea, Gayle. If nothing else, it will keep your spirits and self-esteem up while performing the awful duty of looking for a new job, which in this economy, is a full-time job.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    BTW - I didn't know you had lost your job. Sorry! :(

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone! I'm new to this blog thing so I appreciate the encouragement.

    And thanks for the condolences, Carlo. I'm hoping I can look back on this a year from now and say that it all worked out for the best. Time will tell!